I’m a photographer and videographer from Slovenia in my mid 20s and I’ve been in touch with multimedia practicaly from my childhood. I always loved chasing moments and reminiscence, but over the years it only grew into passion. Couldn't help it, actually. I’m a space and technology geek, sky observer, day dreamer and there is nothing more I rather do than spend quality time outdoors with the ones I love. Over the week I am busy with fied and regulary work and on mondays I like to longen my morning for an hour or two. I do many types of photography and video production; wedding, portrait, product, interier, exterier, commercial and events. My photos and videos are compound of emotions and proper composition and crafted into the story that tells its own tale. And when it comes to camera, I stand behind it rather than in front of it.
Welcome to my website portfolio! I hope you'll find something you like. 

All the best,
Rok Mlinar
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